We have installed a quality management system to do justice to our products. We have had this system certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 by DEKRA Certification GmbH Stuttgart.Recognized in accordance with Directive 2009/23/EC.
Our quality management system has also been audited by the named office for metrology and calibration in Lower Saxony. This audit confirms that our QM system fulfills the requirements of Directive 2009/23/EC.
This puts us in a position to evaluate our scales as conform to this directive when they are placed on the market. You can use these scales for commerce subject to compulsory calibration.
Repairer label

The Lower Saxony state office for metrology and calibration has given us permission to label calibrated measuring devices we have repaired in accordance with §13 para. 2 of the calibration directive. This means calibration is still valid. Your operations can be continued without any problem.

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