Wägeterminal HTF300

HTF300 weighing terminal

The HTF300 is a robust industrial terminal in a stainless steel housing for universal use with industrial switch point scales, control scales and simple filling equipment.

Typical areas of application are weighing and counting, unit quantities or vehicle weighing.

The advantages of the HTF300 are:

  • Extensive standard software
  • Can be calibrated
  • For universal use
  • Bus-capable and able to be integrated into existing systems
  • Easy to use via industrial membrane keypad
  • Comprehensive connection options
  • Can be used for mobile & stationary applications


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→ GSD Datei Profibus DP


  • Protection category IP67
  • 20-character LCD plain text display, with background illumination, 14 mm character height
  • Numeric keyboard with multiple assignment function keys and keys for zeroing and taring
  • Connection for analog DMS scales (max. 16-350 Ohm)
  • Voltage supply either 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz via integrated power supply or 12-30 VDC
  • Configurable standard software
  • Cable feed via PGs
  • Data memory can be calibrated

  • 1x analog DMS
    2x serial interface 2x digital inputs/outputs or 1x analog output
  • Second scales connection
  • PC interface with data transmission after every printout or demand
  • Printer interface or (receipt or bond printer)
  • 2x digital inputs and outputs for switch point monitoring or simple filling. Inputs for start weighing and taring or start/stop filling
  • 8-bit analog output
  • Real-time clock for display, printing and data transmission
  • Further features: HT-F300 Ethernet (integrated) and HT-F300 Profibus (integrated)

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