Xtreme hygienic scales

unique – extremely safely hygienic – even sturdier

The Höfelmeyer Xtreme (HHX) has been especially designed for extremely strict cleaning requirements. Wherever aseptic manufacture is important such as in the food and pharmaceutical industry, the HHX is just right.

The open and extremely low profile design of these compact scales ensure quick, easy and all around hygienic cleaning and checking of hygiene. All types of deposits are avoided by the rounded components used beneath the sheet metal bridge. The integrated overload protection makes the scales even more robust so that you can even lift the scales using its load plate with no problems.

The advantages of the Höfelmeyer Xtreme hygienic scales are:

  • Fast cleaning and checking of hygiene
  • Extremely low profile design
  • Built to hygienic design
  • Electro-polished finish (0.8 µm roughness depth)
  • Sturdy & protected from overload
  • Can be delivered calibrated on request (according to German calibration law §7c)


It goes without saying that the hygienic scales are also available in special sizes or can be equipped with additional attachments before delivery from the factory. The special design of these hygienic scales makes them just perfect for such extensions.

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  • Compact scales with stand and display unit
  • Can be supplied calibrated (according to German calibration law §7c)
  • Surface is electro-polished
  • Hygienic single point weighing cell made of stainless steel,
    EHEDG-certified, with integrated overload protection
  • 4 adjustable load bases, levelling device
  • 4 adjustable overload protection devices
  • Scales protection category: IP 69 K
  • V2A stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +40°C


  • Can be combined with the display units HTF200 and HTF300
  • V4A stainless steel

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