Managing Directors of Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH: Felix Höfelmeyer, Reinhard Höfelmeyer and Ralf Schulz

Our vision is to present holistic solutions and systems to our customers. This is why we and our products undergo permanent development.

With every step that we take we are consistently pursuing our tasks and objectives, and making successful work measurable.

Customer orientation
All our efforts center on our customers. We are always open to their needs, suggestions or modification requests, and strive to achieve solutions in partnership with our customers.

Motivated and qualified employees
We can only achieve our joint targets if we are passionate about what we do. This is why we have created a success-oriented and positive working environment.

We keep strictly to our processes and workflows. This is the only way we can work effectively as a team and implement our projects on schedule.

Quality claim
Our products are at the heart of our company. We do everything in our power to manufacture them with the greatest possible care, as well as to extend our range and create new products.

Responsibility towards people and nature
We see ourselves as part of a region, an industry and a society. For this reason, we demand and promote a responsible attitude towards people’s safety and health as well as towards the environment and resources.

Fairness and tolerance
Mutual respect and humanity characterize our daily interaction. For this reason, we value cooperative manners and rules.

We need one another, because we can learn from each other and want to achieve joint objectives. For this reason, we love and live open communication with one another and work hard to gain trust and credibility.

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