Prozessstation mit im PC integrierter Wägetechnik

Press Release: Hoefelmeyer Process Station

Press release

Innovation: process station with PC-integrated weighing technology

Despite increasing automation, the value creation chain in manufacturing companies relies on a wide variety of manual tasks. The trend towards small batch sizes and product individualization further reinforces this. To ensure quality, safety and efficiency, manual work stations too must be seamlessly integrated into the process chain and information systems.

With its process stations, Höfelmeyer Waagen GmbH also supports complex and variable operations in production, packaging, logistics, laboratories and clean rooms, etc. Thanks to their modular structure, the platforms are specially adapted for the manual work to be performed. Furthermore, these can be embedded in the overall chain of operations in terms of processes and information technology, which enables real-time process controls and seamless traceability. Höfelmeyer’s many years of industry experience yield optimally tailored solutions for the food and animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and logistics industries.


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