Press Release: Filling scale with metal detector

Press Release

Combined: Filling scale with metal detector

Complete Höfelmeyer solution for optimal process integration and maximum flexibility

The production of food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemical substances, etc. requires processing, handling, and monitoring a diverse range of bulk materials. Höfelmeyer Waagen’s modular system provides a technology that offers extremely flexible functionality while optimally fitting into existing lines even in the smallest of spaces. This single technical solution can now combine such processes as weighing, filling, formulation, metal detection, and separation. The application is tailored to product, industry, manufacturer, and system requirements.

The Höfelmeyer filling scale with integrated metal detector is used in free-fall applications of bulk material with good flowability. Seamlessly embedded into existing pipelines, the combined system can fill powders, granules, fibres, and cuttings directly into large or small containers while checking for metal impurities. Even the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal parts are detected precisely. The self-learning system ensures reliable detection while being very easy-to-use. If metal is detected, the process controller receives a signal and the signal generator and separating system are also activated. The responsive separation devices guarantee a low-loss discharge of the unwanted metal. This conserves resources and allows the process to continue uninterrupted.


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