Press Release: Höfelmeyer Checkweigher

Press Release

High-Precision Checkweighers for Every Need

Checkweighers offer a wide range of benefits for optimized production, whether users need to check for completeness, assess a filling level in accordance with the German prepackaging ordinance (FertigPackV), or classify or label items. Meat processing sets particularly high standards in terms of functionality, hygiene and line integration.

The dynamic HKW checkweighers from Höfelmeyer allow for precise, fully automatic weight measurement of packaged and non-packaged products. They are used during transport between the individual steps of production and as part of the conventional end-of-the-line check. Products of up to 30 kg do not present a challenge. Depending on the requirements, throughput rates of up to 300 units/min. can be achieved. Generating legally required and time-referenced statistics allows for gapless documentation, monitoring and control of production processes. In this way, if fill levels that are too high or too low are detected in an ongoing process, signals can be sent to upstream systems (tendency control). Improperly weighted units will be automatically discharged from the product stream. Dynamic labeling, classification and sorting by weight are typical uses of an HKW in meat processing.


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