Hygienegerechte Drucklast-Wägezelle von Sartorius

Compression Load Cell for Hygienic Applications

This compression load cell was particularly developed to meet the high requirements in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Entirely made of stainless steel, it is designed specifically for use with process vessels.

All horizontal surfaces are inclined to make draining easy. There are no gaps or undercuts. The materials and the surface quality were chosen to comply with international standards and specifications.

This load cell has a unique construction which, when used in conjunction with the usage-specific installation sets, enables it to compensate for movements incurred by mechanical or thermal contraction or expansion of the container or that of the supports. And it does this with consistently high accuracy.

Advantages of compression load cells for hygienic applications:

  • Proven rocker-pin principle
  • No corner alignment necessary due to optimized output signal
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range
  • Hermetically sealed (welded), IP68, IP69K
  • Verifiable (in accordance with OIML R60)



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