Filling Scale with Metal Detector

The resource-saving combination solution

The Höfelmeyer filling scale with vertical pipe metal detector is used for free flowing bulk goods. Incorporated into existing pipelines, the combined system fills among others powders, granules, fibres, and cuttings directly into large or small containers At the same time, it controls the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants. The separation before filling guarantees a resource-saving discharge.
The system can be adapted to containers such as sacks, big bags etc. Special flexibility is provided by a weighing platform that can be folded down in working position for small containers, which can be optionally combined with an additional floor scale or drive-through scale for large containers.
The scale application displays the filling process and controls the filling components. When the fill level is reached, the filling stops fully automatically. It is also possible to do the filling manually. The exchange with higher-level systems enables complex formulations and short-term changes to production orders, as well as reliable data management with seamless logging and traceability.

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