CHECK Software

Software able to be calibrated for automatic check weighing

The Höfelmeyer CHECK is software able to be calibrated for automatic check weighing. Weighing is performed with belt stop. Check weighing is started by means of a light barrier or by exceeding a preset weight limit. In principle, 2 photoelectric barriers must be used for dynamic scales able to be calibrated. Overweight and underweight can be discharged via discharge units such as pushers. The high weight value resolution and fast measured value processing allow a fast and precise classification of the weighing sample into one of the five tolerance zones.


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  • The setpoints and tolerance zones of up to 99 different products can be stored in the memory.
  • The current deviation from the setpoint weight, standard deviation and mean value are displayed on the colour screen.
  • The check results are stored in a statistics file and can be printed out or transferred to a connected EDP.

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