Software for the remote control of a weighing terminal with switch point function

The Höfelmeyer CONTROL/ONLINE is software able to be calibrated and can be remotely controlled by a PC via Ethernet or the serial interface. Taring, zeroing and other functions can alternatively be triggered via digital inputs (via external button). Four configurable switch points are available. With CONTROL/ONLINE the design of intelligent workplaces is very easy. The terminal is connected to the Ethernet network or a serial interface. The PC program sends commands for controlling the process. CONTROL/ONLINE answers each command with a response data set. The PC program always has complete control over the process and the weight receipt printing.

→ PDF Download (400E)


→ PDF Download (600E)




  • Scales of any type can be connected
  • Weights can be calibrated and printed out on the connected printer. The form or print design can be controlled from the PC.
  • The integrated weight memory able to be calibrated saves using the separate alibi printer

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