ONLINE OP Software

Software for recording weight and operating data at the terminal in the fieldbus which can be calibrated

The Höfelmeyer ONLINE OP is software that combines the functions of dosing control and an operator panel in one device. The communication between computer and ONLINE OP takes place via the exchange of data words. Weight values and status information of the scale as well as the signal input states can be read from data words. Functions such as dosing (filling or removal), taring, delete tare, zeroing, displaying text, entering data or setting digital outputs can be controlled by the computer. With ONLINE OP, the coupling of weighing terminal / dosing control to PLC or PC for process control and visualisation is easy. The terminal is connected via fieldbus. The network communi- cation automatically ensures that certain data words of the participants are constantly updated. Commands and information are exchanged by writing and reading these data words. The computer connected always has complete control over the process.

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  • Together with other fieldbus devices, up to 127 devices can be connected via a bus cable to a PLC or a PC.
  • It can be connected to a scale of any design
  • The weight value resolution which can be calibrated and the fast measured value processing of the ONLINE OP enable fast and extremely precise weighing

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