Software able to be calibrated for vehicle scales

The Höfelmeyer TRUCK/ONLINE is software for vehicle scales. An intelligent program with operator guidance via screen menus enables quick and error free operation. Weighing and accompanying data are completely recorded and logged on a weighing receipt.

The weighing receipt contains among others the date, time, vehicle license plate number, initial weight, second weight and net weight, product number, customer number and address and additional data. Due to the buffering of the initial weighing which can be calibrated, the creation of the weighing receipt is only required at the exit.

The receipt printing can be easily adapted to existing forms. In ONLINE mode, operation takes place on a connected PC. TRUCK ONLINE can be calibrated up to a weighing range of 300 t.


→ PDF Download (400E)

→ PDF Download (600E)




  • Simple and quick to operate
  • With online PC interfaces
  • Databases, storage of product and vehicle files
  • Simplified and accelerated processing of the weighing process

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