Drive-Through Scale

Wherever you need it, whether for incoming goods, outgoing goods or in production:

The completely electronic Höfelmeyer drive-through scale is designed with an extremely low profile
and is thus ideal for immediate surface-mounted use,
without pit and anchors.

This practical scale is designed according to guidelines for sanitary environments. Some options
which illustrate the suitability for hygienic use are: folding mechanism, undertray, connectable
ramps (without floor anchors).


The advantages of the Höfelmeyer Drive-Through Scale are:

  • Hinged opening mechanism for simple and fast cleaning
  • Low maintenance costs and long life span thanks to the durable construction
  • Can be connected to various kinds of displays (indicators)
  • Optional material certificates and surface roughness certificates for process validation can be provided
  • Fulfills NIOSH requirements for one-person operation (<20kg)
  • A crank mechanism allows for easy repositioning of wheels and shaft or stand
  • A second ramp enables roll-on/roll off from both sides or drive-over



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  • includes one ramp
  • 4 strain gauge load cells
  • 6 m measurement cable length (additional lengths available)
  • cable box water-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • display unit of choice can be connected
  • verified class III or unverified
  • 4 adjustable feet, leveling mechanism

Operating temperature -10 … +40 °C
protection class:

  • IP 65 – painted deck: for use in dry environments
  • IP 68 – stainless steel deck:
  • IP 69K – stainless steel deck:
  • for use in wet environments,
  • for high-pressure cleaning

  • Capacities: 150kg, 300kg, 600kg, 1000kg,
    1500kg, 3000kg
  • Resolution:
    1 x 30,.000d, 15,000d, 3,000d single-area
    1 x 3,000e, 2x 3,000e (“verified“)
    1 x 6,000e or 3 x 3,000e multi-area
  • Load-carrying capacity: 3000kg

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