The Höfelmeyer overhead track scale, also known as a tubular track scale,is the most important scale in a slaughterhouse and cutting plant. It is used for precise incoming goods and outgoing goods inspections, classification and recording of operating data.

A weighing track conveyor records the weight during dynamic operation. Meat classification is only completed once the weight of the carcass is known. This can be used for weighing, both for legal-for-trade applications and for internal purposes. The connection of the tubular track scale to higher-level ERP or MES systems and the visualisation of the process data at the scale are possible in accordance with your requirements.

Dynamic overhead track scale
Dynamic overhead track scale

Their added value at a glance:

  • High corrosion protection
  • Variable weighing track length and conveying speed
  • High throughput
  • Available for legal-for-trade applications
  • Flexible thanks to different interface variants
  • Can be supplied with standard software or customer-specific software
  • Optional version of weighing tracks and transitions to the tube system

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