Höfelmeyer Software HFPK

HSW-PC-HFPK is a program used for central management of checkweighers

The areas of application are static and dynamic filling level control. Recording and evaluation in accordance with the German prepackaging ordinance (FPVO) is part of the HFPK. A graph of the measured results showing observance of the tolerances permits fast intervention in production if necessary.

The product data and test instructions can be prepared and edited centrally during the ongoing test process and sent to the checkweighers. At the same time the individual measurements and batch results can be received from the checkweigher for analysis.

The reliability of the communications is ensured by a special procedure between the checkweigher and the HSW-PC-HFPK. This guarantees uninterrupted transfer of data in case of faults, and no test results can be lost.

The MS SQL database manages the data in a network secured with a proprietary mechanism. This enables simultaneous access to the data of an ERP system.
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  • Check of attributes
  • Monitoring
  • Volume measurement (density)



  • Connection of one or more weighing terminals of the series HTF60E | 600E
  • Communication via Ethernet
  • Recording of sample results and/or batch results
  • Central management of product data on the PC
  • Archiving of results in a file
  • Evaluation of test results over any period of time, batches and test stations

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