HPA manual labeling unit

The labeling system and the control system offer both large and smaller companies a suitable manual labeling and monitoring solution. Connection to the customer’s own ERP system with large data quantities is thus just as possible as managing data entered directly at the unit. Special care was taken to ensure the unit has a compact, robust and hygienic design. The labeling system is flexible and can also be used for monitoring tasks.

The labeling system and the control system can both be customized according to the application. There are various weighing platforms, printer types etc. available for both dry and wet room applications. Individually adapted to provide a tailor-made process solution.


  • Single point weighing cell made of stainless steel
  • 15″ – 19″ Touchscreen PC
  • Label printer of your choice can be connected
  • Display unit of your choice can be connected
  • Hygienic weighing bridge
  • Frame made of stainless steel, blasted with glass beads or electro-polished
  • Manual or semi-automatic control system
  • Frame made of either stainless steel or painted steel

  • Weighing bridge protection category: IP69K
  • Touchscreen PC protection category: IP65 optionally IP69K
  • Hygienic design
  • Robust design
  • Gradual height adjustment for ergonomic adaptation to workstations
  • Easy integration in conveyor belt lines
  • Optical good/bad part display

  • Weighing range from 3 kg to 60 kg
  • Resolution:
    – 1x 3000e (can be calibrated)
    – 2x 3000e (can be calibrated)
  • Size of weighing bridge
    – 320mm x 240mm
    – 400mm x 300mm
    – 500mm x 400mm

Special sizes available on request.

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