Metal Detection System

Safety in the production process

The Höfelmeyer Detection System analyses all magnetic and non-magnetic metallic impurities such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum for example – even if enclosed in the product. It is used to inspect packaged and unpackaged units.

As its design is exactly matched to what is required to detect metal, the complete system has the maximum detection sensitivity. The system is characterized by its high flexibility and can thus be individually adapted to the circumstances for particular products and production methods.

The HMD is primarily used in the food, chemical, packaging, cosmetics and textile industries. Typical applications include the inspection of butter, cheese and deep frozen blocks of meat, inspecting E1 and E2 containers in meat processing and inspecting goods in sacks up to 50 kg.

The advantages of the Höfelmeyer Metal Detection System are:

  • Variety of application-specific separation systems
  • New, hygienic design is easy to clean
  • Interference-resistant, reliable inline metal detection due to an extremely short metal-free zone (MZ)
  • Conforms to BRC, IFS and HACCP
  • Version for dry and for wet areas
  • Universal use due to new HML technology

Our Metal Detection System fits perfectly with the Höfelmeyer Checkweighing System, Labelling-System and the X-Ray System.

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