Signum® Supreme

The new Signum® Supreme has been developed especially for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries. The Signum® Supreme is suitable both for straightforward and more complex applications such as checking, counting and recipe management. The extremely sturdy structure of the Signum® Supreme made completely of stainless steel resists even severe side impact and cleaning with a water jet. The Signum® Supreme delivers reliably reproducible measuring results even under changing setup conditions, and is thus easily adapted to changing ambient conditions in the industrial environment. It goes without saying that the Signum® Supreme is certified to the current requirements of applicable standards and can be integrated in production networks.


Three application levels and different resolutions, weighing ranges and a complete series of interfaces make tailor-made configuration possible.


The characteristics of the Signum® Supreme are:

  • Protection category IP65
  • Optionally for ex-zone 2 or 22
  • Smooth surfaces for especially easy cleaning
  • Resolutions up to 350,000d
  • Calibrated in the factory
  • Speed-up technology for extremely fast measuring results
  • Memory for up to 100 product datasets



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