Talent TE

Your low-cost entry to the world of laboratory weighing technology

The Talent laboratory scales are the alternative for all simple weighing tasks: inexpensive but uncompromising. Demanding in terms of quality, reliability and weighing technology. Whether they are required in the laboratory, for vocational training/school use or for operation independent of the power supply – scales from the Sartorius Talent range are always first choice.

The advantages of the model series are obvious:

  • Easy to use: set up, switch on, weigh. It couldn’t be easier.
  • High read-off quality of the display
  • Key with a tactile pressure point for clear feedback to the user
  • Weighing result is available in seconds. Convenient with high sample throughput.
  • 4 digital filter levels to adapt the scales to the conditions at the set-up location


  • Compact, robust scale housing
  • Stainless steel scale pan
  • High-contrast LCD display
  • Automatic adjustment at the touch of a button with external weight
  • 2 tare keys (for left- and right-handers)
  • All-glass wind protection for 0.0001g models
    TE153S-DS and TE313S-DS
  • Glass ring wind protection for TE153S, TE313S


  • Perm. ambient operation temperature +5 … +40 °C
  • Also available in calibrated version, depending on the model version
  • Typical measuring time 1.5 s to 3 s
  • Scale pan Ø90mm to Ø116mm or 174mm x 143mm depending on the model
  • Many models can also be operated by battery
  • Application programs: Percent scales,
    net total recipe, mean value calculation |
    dynamic scales, counting of small parts,
    switching between two weight units


  • Weighing ranges: 60g to 610g, 1500g to 12000g
  • Resolution:
    0.0001g to 1g (device-specific)

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