Tube magnet separator

The tube magnet for free fall applications

The food and pharmaceutical industries and similarly sensitive application areas are the main places where tube magnet separators are used. The efficient extraction of fine and most fine ferrous impurities and magnetized stainless steel particles is ensured by these high quality and powerful magnet separators.
A minimal installation height as well as customer-specific versions permit problem-free integration into existing pipework- The low-maintenance design and the simple operation of the HMD-MS during cleaning enable efficient and cost-effective operation.


The advantages of the tube magnet separator are:

  • Specially for the requirements of the food and pharmaceuticals industries
  • Separates the finest metallic impurities (even slightly magnetic stainless steel particles)
  • Ensures consistently high product quality
  • Built to hygienic design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Customer-specific versions possible

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