X-Ray System

Precise performance in process-oriented applications

Used as a contaminant detection component, X-Ray Systems ensure that your products reach your customers in top quality and without impurities. Impurities in food, granulates or liquids, for
example, not only lead to an enormous loss of cost and time. Contamination scandals usually also mean long-term damage to your company’s image.

The Höfelmeyer X-Ray Scanner is a precise inspection system that offers you maximum safety for your production.


The advantages of the Höfelmeyer X-Ray System are:


  • Check for different contaminants such as metal, glass, stones etc.
  • Check on product characteristics such as completeness, weight, breakage, position
  • Check on products in metallic packaging
  • Data forwarded to Höfelmeyer HFPK software
  • Simultaneous checks on up to 4 parallel product lines
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Conforms to BRC, IFS and HACCP

Our X-Ray System fits perfectly with the Höfelmeyer Checkweighing System, Labelling-System and the Metal Detection System.

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