Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

The change in the production process is in full swing ... driven in particular by solutions in the area of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) and Artificial Intelligence. A central pivotal point on the way to the Smart Factory is the intelligent communication of your weighing and process technology. This makes it possible to optimise your data and workflow.

This is exactly where Höfelmeyer is the partner at your side. We accompany your transformation in terms of weighing technology, based on our high level of individuality in the mechanical, electronic and informative product areas. In this way, you receive customised solutions that pave the way "from data to value".

The added value is reflected both in your efficiency indicators and in the optimised deployment of service technicians. For example, our online service helps you to minimise service calls, make them more cost-efficient and less complex. (Downtimes are drastically reduced.)

Our application examples

But we also use approaches from the field of machine learning in our solutions with great advantages for you. For example, our Höfelmeyer metal detectors can almost completely mask the disturbing product effect with the help of learning software components. The system is so effective that it can even be used for metallised packaging. When checking for metal contamination, not only the currently determined values are used, but the algorithm also takes into account the empirical values previously collected by the metal detector. The result: better detection of metal parts with fewer false alarms.

Another important pillar of a Smart Factory is the real-time display and control of your process data via tablet and smartphone. Through the Höfelmeyer cloud solutions, we also accompany you on this path. Our application software is also smartphone-compatible and Industry 4.0-compatible. One example of this is the Höfelmeyer grader.

The smart Höfelmeyer solutions have made it their goal to ensure that unplanned plant shutdowns are a thing of the past. For example, we have stored runtime calculations for the most critical components in our dynamic checkweighers, catchweighers and graders. Should one or more components approach this wear limit, you will receive a corresponding warning message. This still leaves enough time and planning leeway to replace the wear parts at a favourable time and thus avoid an expensive production stoppage. Alternatively, all critical wear components can be monitored via sensors. You receive even better and more precise predictions about the condition and the expected remaining service life of the installed components. Correspondingly precise warning messages thus enable you to strike a balance between the sustainable benefit of a machine and predictive maintenance.

Do you have any questions or applications in this field? Then let’s talk about them!!