Social commitment

As a company, we not only take our place in the world of weighing technology, but also feel a heartfelt obligation to think outside the box and help those who cannot improve their situation through their own efforts. For this reason, we support two projects in particular, with which we feel connected.

Wir starten gleich!

Wir starten gleich! was founded in February 2011 on the initiative of Reinhard Höfelmeyer and Klaus J. Behrendt in Osnabrück and has set itself the following goal: "Fair chances for all school beginners". What exactly is it about? The basic equipment of a first-grader includes about 25 items, which means costs of about 250 euros. This amount is difficult to bear for financially weak families! In order to give the children concerned a materially equal start to school life, we have set ourselves the task of providing each child with a starter kit at the beginning of school. The important thing is that donations are made absolutely anonymously. No branding of the satchel donation and no photo of children.

To "Wir starten gleich"

Magi e.V.

Magi e.V. in Malawi has set itself the goal of protecting girls from a life on the streets and thus from abuse and prostitution. In addition, the association takes care of the girls' school education and infrastructural matters such as the construction of wells, bridges or houses. There are many reasons why Felix Höfelmeyer, as an entrepreneur and private person, supports this association. Help that arrives directly. You can always follow current projects on the website and social media. It's worth it!

To Magi e.V.