Digitised business processes run faster, are less prone to errors and more cost-effective than the analogue processes used so far. However, there is often a lack of time, money and manpower to plan, finance and implement digitisation.

Höfelmeyer offers a cloud platform that makes it easy and inexpensive to jump on the digitisation bandwagon. The necessary IT infrastructure is kept in the cloud and can be used immediately. There is no need for high initial investment in planning and building your own IT infrastructure, and the low monthly usage fees make it affordable even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The focus on scale applications makes it possible to digitise existing processes easily and reduce planning and implementation efforts significantly by using prepared dashboards. With the IoT gateway, users can easily connect existing or new scales to the cloud and simply use or download the weighing data with an internet browser. Large companies can automatically exchange the data with their ERP systems via an API interface.

Cloud solution

Their added value at a glance:

  • Data acquisition is carried out with scales and existing work processes n
  • Error-prone and time-consuming manual data transfers (scale display - EDP system) are eliminated
  • The weight data can be used by many users worldwide at any time
  • Weighing results are automatically archived and can be retrieved at a later date
  • Data can easily be exchanged even across company boundaries
  • Special industry software can use the weight data stored in the cloud to digitise other work processes

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