The hygienic scale: Hygienic, precise and made for extreme environments

Hygienic areas in particular require scales that weigh with precision, meet high industrial requirements and are easy to clean. Our hygienic scale offers all of these benefits. Developed by our engineers in cooperation with our customers as robust bench scale with a focus on compliance with high hygiene requirements in accordance with EHEDG guidelines, this makes our hygienic scale an all-rounder when it comes to hygienically demanding industrial environments.

Produce with hygienic precision – secure your own hygienic scale now!

Easy-to-clean industrial scale

In the production of food and pharmaceuticals, as in the chemical industry: maximum hygiene is a must. And this is exactly what our easy-to-clean hygienic scale was designed to offer. Especially when it comes to weighing food or medical products, it is important to eliminate all possibility of contamination. For this reason, we developed an easy-to-clean, compact scale in close cooperation with our customers. Extremely robust, the open design leaves no room for bacteria and germs thanks to its reduced horizontal surfaces and dead spaces.

All facts at a glance

Open design

The open, robust design makes the hygienic scale quick and easy to clean – even in the production area.

Large weighing range

The weighing range from 1.5 kg up to 300 kg opens up a wide area of possible applications for the hygienic scale.


Select the material, platform size or terminal for your hygienic scale. Do you need a special design for the weighing surface or a special weighing range? We can make it happen!

Protection class IP69

From the load cell to the terminal, the hygienic scale is designed to meet protection class IP69. This means it can easily withstand intensive cleaning, even with a high-pressure cleaner. Cleaning could hardly be easier or faster.

Hygienic design

Thanks to the reduced horizontal surfaces and dead spaces, the scale leaves no room for deposits or for bacteria and germs to grow. The stainless-steel surface also has a low surface roughness, which also decreases the adherence of product residues.

For particularly demanding applications, we even offer a version with an electro-polished finish with a roughness of less than 0.8 μm.

Advantages of our hygienic scale

Our hygienic scale is designed to prevent contamination and especially deposits thanks to its open stainless-steel construction with almost exclusively round surfaces. The weighing surface can be cleaned directly without a time-consuming removal of covers or other components. This makes the easy-to-clean hygienic scale not only ideal for use in the food industry, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They can be calibrated, have a high measurement accuracy, and are robust and overload-proof.

Further benefits:

Less time for cleaning

Thanks to its open design, the hygienic industrial scale can be cleaned quickly, easily and effortlessly – even in the production area.

Free of bacterial contamination

The hygienic design and ideal cleanability of the scale prevent deposits from building up under the weighbridge and reduce the formation of bacterial impurities and contamination with virtually no exceptions.

Versatile areas of application

The combination of a large weighing range and high precision on the one hand and a hygienic design on the other makes it perfect for use in the food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industriesand in the chemical industry.

Cost savings

You need less time for cleaning, avoid service calls for cleaning processes, and reduce product losses due to contamination. This saves money and is good for both the environment and your own image.


In combination with our weighing terminals, the scale offers a wide range of interfaces and software, making everything possible from simple weighing to the transmission and centralised acquisition of data in your IT system.

Trouble-free cleaning processes

The design of the hygienic bench scale is so robust that it can easily withstand cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.

[Translate to Englisch:] Die offene Bauweise der Hygienischen Waage sorgt für einfache Reinigungsprozesse

Hygienic weight control with Höfelmeyer

If you process sensitive raw materials or foods, you need a production environment that is sterile and clean. For this very reason, we have worked in close cooperation with our customers to design an easy-to-clean hygienic scale that meets the high hygiene standards of the food industry. Our goal: weighing technology that optimises your production environment and processes.

Feel free to contact me so we can discuss how hygienic scales can optimise cleaning processes in your production and help you comply with the hygiene standards of your industry.

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Höfelmeyer: More than just weight control

As Höfelmeyer, we supply more than just state-of-the-art weighing technology. We consider your company as a whole and, besides measuring instruments, also offer you process integration and personnel training services. Our goal: efficient and sustainable production processes in your company. After technical configuration, we are there for you to answer any questions, provide extensions, or carry out maintenance.

How does the hygienic scale differ from conventional industrial scales?

The hygienic scale is designed to reduce product deposits and prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. This includes the reduction of horizontal surfaces and dead spaces as well as a low surface roughness of down to < 0.8 μm in our electro-polished version. The hygienic scale is also easy to clean and to disinfect.

What advantages does the open design of the hygienic scale offer in terms of cleaning?

Thanks to its open design, the scale can be cleaned directly and with no need for additional components, such as a cover hood. The reduced dead spaces and the hygienic design with predominantly round surfaces make the scale ideal for cleaning away residues. The high IP protection class also allows cleaning in the production area.

Can the scale be used in industries with strict hygiene regulations, such as food production?

Yes, the scale is designed for industries with very high hygiene requirements. This scale is particularly popular with our customers in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

How is the measurement accuracy of the hygienic scale guaranteed?

The hygienic scale measures weight with great precision by means of a single-point load cell made of stainless steel. Height-adjustable load feet and overload protection also help guarantee the high reliability of the scale. On request, our hygienic scale is available for legal-for-trade use.