The flatbed scale is a flexible weighing talent that improves the overall performance of your production process. It can be integrated anywhere and increases the quality of production - even with high hygiene requirements.

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Robust flatbed scales can be used anywhere

There is a lot of potential for savings for manufacturing companies when weighing large quantities of products. The flatbed scale can be used anywhere, fulfils the highest hygiene requirements and adapts to your needs. Starting with the weighing range, the choice of material and surface, the ATEX version or the number of product options. The flatbed scale is robust and hygienic - a benefit for your production.

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All facts at a glance

Wide range of options

Thanks to the different versions, everyone can find the flatbed scale that is the optimum solution for their application, whether in the standard version, foldable or on castors.

Large weighing range

Whether 150 kg or three tonnes - the flatbed scale measures reliably. Thanks to the flat design, even heavy loads can be applied easily and safely.

Hygienically clean

Fast and hygienic cleaning – no problem. The surfaces, the folding mechanism and the base plate are easy to clean and prevent contamination. This makes the scales ideal for the food industry and pharmaceutical industry .

Protection class IP69

The flatbed scale can withstand all environments. Whether wet or dusty, the measurements are precise and reliable.

ATEX version

The ATEX version can also be used in EX zones 1/21 and 2/22.

Mobile version

Retractable wheels make the flatbed scale a flexible part of production. The small footprint also leaves enough space for transport routes.

Robust construction

The design of the flatbed scale ensures a long service life with low maintenance costs. It is an investment that pays for itself..


Further information can be found in the brochure:

Download brochure flatbed scale

Advantages of the flatbed scale

The compact design paired with a wide range of options allows a variety of uses for the flatbed scale. This makes production processes in all areas more efficient, as the weighing process can be carried out quickly. The folding mechanism ensures hygienic safety. Improve quality control in your production with a robust and high-quality flatbed scale from Höfelmeyer.

Further advantages:

One-person operation

Easy handling is important in production, which is why the lift mechanism of the scales can be operated by one person with the support of gas springs and fulfils all NIOSH requirements.

Easily relocatable

Wheels, steering tow bar and lift mechanism ensure that the flatbed scale is easy to move and can be used in several places if required.

Easy process integration

Customise the scale to your production, because the flatbed scale can be used flexibly. Single-sided, double-sided or drive-over, the flatbed scale is so versatile that it can be ideally integrated into your production environment.


Durable construction combined with modern terminals that transfer the collected data directly to your IT systems make the flatbed scale a future-proof investment for your company.

With certification

Special environments require compliance with different guidelines. Material certificates and roughness certificates for process validation are available on request.

Versatile application areas

Material, mobility, protection class, calibration capability and compliance with ATEX and NIOSH requirements make the flatbed scale an all-rounder in your production.

[Translate to Englisch:] Einfaches Handling der Durchfahrwaage von einer Person dank Berücksichtigung der NIOSH-Richtlinie

Find out how the flatbed scale improves your production output

In a personal meeting, we will discuss how you can optimally integrate the Höfelmeyer flatbed scale into your production process. Together we will see which variant suits you best and how you can use it to increase the efficiency and quality of your production.

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Optimised weighing and production processes with Höfelmeyer

To ensure that your production achieves top performance, we take a holistic view of your company and production processes. We supply weighing technology that is ideally integrated into your production line. Customer benefit is always our top priority. That is why, in addition to the millimetre-precise integration of the scales, we always provide you with a comprehensive range of services that includes training, maintenance and the optimisation of your production processes.


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Where are flatbed scales typically used?

Thanks to their flat design, drive-through scales can be installed flexibly and above ground. They therefore eliminate the need for ground work to create a pit and are all-rounders for all areas of production.

How do flatbed scales help to increase efficiency in the material flow?

The flexible installation and optimum process integration lead to optimal handling of the weighing process and material flow. Thanks to the different options of the flatbed scale, there is a suitable flatbed scale for every application.

How is the accuracy of a flatbed scale ensured?

Regular maintenance and calibration ensure the accuracy of the flatbed scale. You should also pay attention to the quality of the scales when purchasing them. A Höfelmeyer flatbed scale measures reliably and precisely over the long term, even in harsh environments.