FLOOR SCALE: Extremely robust, accurate and loadable up to 6,000 kg

Where heavy loads are weighed, robust materials and sensors as well as meticulous measurement technology are required. Specially developed for heavy loads, the floor scale is a versatile all-rounder for many areas of application within the industry. Whether in logistics, the food industry, pharmaceuticals or chemicals - the floor scale supports the favourable use of raw materials and makes your company more efficient.

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Robust weighbridge for heavy loads

Built for industry, the robust floor scale improves your quality control and ensures compliance with specified regulations. A special feature of the floor scale is its low height, even with high loads. It can be installed within your process chain at floor level or as an above-floor version. The scales measure high loads precisely, withstand wet environments and are made of durable stainless steel. A Höfelmeyer floor scale is dimensionally stable - even under heavy loads.

All facts at a glance


Where heavy loads are weighed, scales and load cells must be robust. The V2A construction of the weighing bridge can withstand high loads and remains dimensionally stable.

Flat design

The low overall height of the weighbridge of just 90 mm makes it easy to integrate into your production chain. The industrial floor scale can be integrated at floor level or as an above-floor scale. Accessories such as ramps or foundation frames and trays for installation in the floor simplify the integration of the floor scale.


Decide which design variant suits your production. Starting with the weighing areas and numerals, through the material and surface treatment, to the question of whether the load plate should be hinged, screwed or welded. If you have other requirements, we will find a solution.

Calibratable solution

To ensure that the measured values of the industrial floor scale comply with the legal regulations of your industry, the floor scale is available in a legal-for-trade version.

Explosion protection

When weighing in potentially explosive atmospheres, the safety regulations for hazardous areas must be complied with. This is why the floor scales are explosion-proof in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Benefits of the floor scale

The flat design, versatile application areas and different variations make the fully electronic floor scale a game changer in your production control.Fast and precise weighing results support you in all areas of the process chain. The robust design does not bend and is easy to clean and maintain thanks to the hinged mechanism. In wet areas, the tear plate, stoppers and wheel recesses provide the necessary grip.


Further benefits:

Accurate calibratable measured values

Platform scales from our company are extremely precise for every weighing operation. The strain gauge load cells guarantee reliable measured values, even for legal-for-trade use.

High load capacity

Do you need a floor scale with a load capacity of 300 kg, 1500 kg or 3000 kg? No problem, our floor scales can handle up to 6000 kg. If you need a higher weight, we can realise this load capacity requirement as a custom-made product.

Robust construction

The floor scale is robust, thanks to stainless steel strain gauge load cells. Whether water, cold, dust or heavy loads, the floor scale remains dimensionally stable and weighs goods and raw materials with maximum precision.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

The design of the floor scale with hinged load plate and the stainless steel foundation tray are particularly easy to clean and maintain.


Our floor scales for industry can do almost anything. Different variations of the load plate, protection classes, explosion protection and legal-for-trade use make it an all-rounder for all industries.

Further accessories

Additional accessories for the floor scale make it possible to integrate it even better into your production line. In addition to various terminals, there are also drive-on ramps, foundation frames and foundation trays.

Direct integration

Thanks to the weighing terminals, the floor scale offers numerous interfaces and software to collect the recorded data centrally or transfer it directly to your ERP system.

Higher production quality in the industry thanks to floor scales

Contact me and we will discuss which variation of the floor scale suits your company and how you can use it to optimise your quality control and processes.

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No more deformations thanks to robust floor scales from Höfelmeyer

In industry, precise measurements, robust materials and high loads are essential. A Höfelmeyer floor scale can do this. In addition, the floor scale can be customised to your requirements, from the choice of material and surface treatment to the platform size, the design of the load plate or specific superstructures for your application.

With a Höfelmeyer, you bring proven and durable weighing technology into your production. In addition to detailed advice and support in selecting the right variant, we will help you integrate the scale and are always there for you in the event of maintenance, repairs or questions.

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Can I integrate floor scales into my existing systems?

The floor scale can be integrated into existing processes. As an above-ground version, they can be set up and connected directly. If they are to be embedded in the ground, appropriate preparatory work is required at the customer's premises, such as digging a pit. In combination with the weighing terminals, process sequences can be mapped and connection to existing systems is possible.

How are floor scales calibrated and how often should they be calibrated?

Calibration is carried out according to a fixed test protocol with at least 1/3 of the max. load of the scale. The eccentric load as well as the linearity and repeatability of the scale are checked. Calibration should be carried out at least once a year as part of maintenance. Depending on the process reliability, the test can/should also be carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Are there wireless or networked options for data collection on floor scales?

In combination with the corresponding display devices and the appropriate software, the floor scale can be integrated into the system and provides data for the ERP.

How can floor scales help to reduce waste and costs?

Floor scales check whether the correct quantities of material are being used in production processes. The measured values can therefore be used for quality control and process optimisation. This ensures that specified weight standards are adhered to, waste is minimised and efficiency in the company is increased.