Dynamic labelling systems

Höfelmeyer labelling systems are ideal for all types of weight and price labelling. They therefore provide optimum support for all product labelling requirements, such as labelling in accordance with the Food Information Regulation, changing label formats or Unicode capability.

Regardless of whether you want to label from the bottom, top, side or corner, Höfelmeyer labelling systems adapt to your requirements for pack sizes, weight and label types. From stand-alone products to integration into your production process with connection to a higher-level system, everything is possible and is individually coordinated.

Höfelmeyer labelling systems are ideally suited for robust use in harsh industrial environments. A throughput of up to 120 packs per minute can be achieved. Depending on the configuration of the system, an automatic barcode check or OCR recognition of the labelled products can also be added for quality control. Due to the modular design of the system, you have the option of integrating further functions in the future. The labelling system can also be perfectly combined with a foreign object detection system such as our X-ray scanner or metal detector.

Dynamic labelling systems
Dynamic labelling systems

Their added value at a glance:

  • Highest throughputs and accuracies
  • Labelling of equally weighted or unevenly weighted products
  • large selection of applicators for applying the labels at every conceivable position
  • perfect solutions thanks to our modular system
  • fast and reliable results even under extreme conditions
  • Correct weighing and labelling up to 150 labels/min. despite surrounding disturbing factors, such as vibrations
  • Intuitive user guidance on comfortable 15" touch screen
  • Clear and structured visualisation even with complex information density
  • Simple, residue-free cleaning due to hygienic design aspects, such as the reduction of flat surfaces
  • Protection class up to IP69 (with protective housing)

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