IRIS Weighing Control – quality assurance software for a flawless production

The future of production: 0 errors with maximum product quality. The use of IRIS is the initial step in making your production future-proof. – a modular software for quality assurance. Data that should be together are brought together.

Intelligent and innovative quality management

Take your production and quality management to the next level. The IRIS Weighing Control quality management software will support you in this. It brings together relevant production data in a fully automated way and allows you a detailed real-time analysis of quality management. This enables you to digitise your production step-by-step, link machines in a network and record data from different scales. Fully automatically – without transmission errors due to humans.

How IRIS helps

Multifunctional quality parameters
Not only weight data is recorded and checked, but also other parameters that can be set individually such as optics, taste, temperature, texture.

Real-time information at all terminals
Retrieve all data in real time and not only when the batch has run through: detect deviations immediately and take appropriate action straight away. You don't have to sit at the PC anymore – even with a tablet or smartphone, you are always informed about all processes in your production, regardless of the device.

Cloud or On Premise
IRIS can be implemented at your plant as a Cloud solution or On Premise solution - your IT security concept decides:

Intuitive user guidance
IRIS is so intuitive and easy to operate that you and your employees will not need any long periods of training and can thus immediately benefit from all its advantages.

Thanks to the continual further development and related updates, we ensure that IRIS is always up-to-date and receives new features, thus protecting your investment.

Development in Customer Co-Creation
We developed IRIS Weighing Control together with a selected group of customers from the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other branches in order to ensure that the software is optimally matched to your requirements.

Networked machines
IRIS connects the data from your machines. Process station, hygienic scales, drive-through scale or external products. Thanks to networked machines, you have all the relevant data for your statistical quality assurance in one place.

Software that revolutionises your quality management: IRIS

Do you have any questions about IRIS? I will be happy to answer these and show you what advantages the use of IRIS will have for your company.

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Improved production

What is improved by IRIS? Quite simply the entire production process. Illegible data sheets, which are often a reality with handwritten documentation under stress, become a thing of the past. Automated data transmission by the software reduces work steps as well as human transcription errors and improves your quality assurance.

The advantages of IRIS at a glance:

  • Shorter processing times
  • More efficient work steps thanks to process automation
  • Direct digital measuring points in production
  • More valid results within the processes
  • Improved interpretability of data – in real time
  • IRIS is always evolving – oriented towards the real needs of our customers
Screenshot of the IRIS QA software IRIS: overview of orders in progress.
Screenshot of the IRIS QA software IRIS with control dashboard shown.
Screenshot production order with IRIS QA software.

Additional benefits for your company

If you use the IRIS software in your quality management, it will have a positive effect on both the production and the entire company. Your company will become more sustainable because it is paperless. You have control over legal requirements, especially in the area of the Pre-packaging regulation(FertigPackV) for food. And you check the qualitative aspects of your products at the same time and can directly view them .

IRIS thus takes the digitisation and quality management of your FertigPackV to a new level – more integrative, smarter, more profitable and easier than ever before.


Can the quality assurance software be integrated into my existing production environment?

Yes, the IRIS quality control software can be integrated into your existing production environment.

What kind of inspections and tests can the software automate?

The software automates inspection reminders, documentation and the digital recording of faults.

How easy is the software to use? Do I need special training?

The IRIS quality control software is so intuitive to use that no special training is necessary. You can get started directly after brief instruction. If any questions do come up, our team will be happy to help, of course.

Is there a test version or a demo so that we can try out the quality assurance software?

You are welcome to test what IRIS can do in advance. Get in touch with us and we will show you how you can improve your production.