CHECKWEIGHER BASIC: The flexible all-rounder for dynamic applications

Complete weight control requires a dynamic checkweigher which ensures the precision of each batch gram by gram and can be integrated in your production line. The Checkweigher Basic fits in any gap and you can configure it yourself thanks to its modular design. Maximum functionality with simple connection.

Precision in every batch – secure your Checkweigher now

Production inspection and increased productivity thanks to dynamic checkweighers

The Checkweigher Basic forms the entry level to the world of product inspection. The modular set-up and functionality have been designed for straightforward applications and moderate throughputs. Yet it weighs precisely, can manage up to 140 weighing processes per minute and sorts products out that are outside the quality guidelines. The Checkweigher is more than just an control scale with conveyor belt for weighing and checking. It automates your weight detection, gives you a better overview of your production ststus and helps you to become more efficient.

[Translate to Englisch:] Der Checkweigher Basic ist überzeugt mit max. 140 Wägungen pro Minute

All facts at a glance

Modular set-up

The modular set-up of the Checkweigher Basic ensures that it matches your requirements exactly and can be integrated ideally into your production line.


Your checkweigher can be extended, making it even more suitable. Covers, fill level or ejection monitoring? No problem!

Simple operation

The Checkweigher can be operated easily and intuitively via a 5.7" TFT colour display. The software makes it easy for the operating personnel to get started and supports you in increasing your productivity.

Broad weighing range

The weighing range from 1,500 g up to 30,000 g opens up a wide range of application possibilities for the Checkweigher Basic.

Sturdy and versatile

Thanks to the glass bead blasted stainless steel surface and the possible protection categories IP54 and IP65, use in both dry areas and hygiene-relevant wet areas is possible.


You will find more information in the brochure:

Download Checkweigher Basic brochure

Advantages of the Checkweigher Basic

The Checkweigher Basic is reliable and precise for checking completeness or fill quantities in line with the Pre-Packaging Directive – and is flexible in terms of areas of application. Whether within the production or end-of-line checks, it documents processes and recognises changes. The 100% in-line check guarantees your product safety at all times.

Further benefits:


The modular set-up offers many design options. If it still isn’t quite what you need, our Checkweighers can be customised.


Numerous interfaces make connection to your IT system possible.


We kept durability in mind during the design process. The open and modular assemblies make short-term repairs and maintenance possible.

Price-performance ratio

You are investing in a high-performance entry-level model for your in-line and end-of-line checks. Completely automatic.

Simple handling

The Checkweigher Basic is simple to operate and can be moved easily from A to B due to its design.

Versatile areas of application

Thanks to the stainless steel design and the choice of protection category IP54 and IP65, the Checkweigher Basic stands out with versatile areas of application – for the food industry or chemical industry.

[Translate to Englisch:] Der Checkweigher Basic lässt sich durch den modularen Aufbau problemlos erweitern

Find out how the Checkweigher can improve your product quality

Contact me and let’s discuss how the Checkweigher can improve your production accuracy and quality assurance, at the same time making your production more efficient.

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What are the advantages of the Checkweigher Basic series compared with other checkweighers?

Alongside the optimum integration in your production line, the Checkweigher Basic stands out on account of its modular set-up, intuitive operation, broad range of applications and economic efficiency.

What kind of applications are most suitable for the Checkweigher Basic series?

The Checkweigher Basic is suitable for simple applications and moderate throughputs. With its broad weighing range from 1,500 g to 30,000 g it can be used for a wide range of purposes in different branches.

How high is the maximum weighing speed of the Checkweigher Basic devices?

With up to 140 weighing processes per minute, the Checkweighers are able to make production inspection more efficient.

What kind of technical support and maintenance do you offer for the Checkweigher Basic series?

We don't just sell products, we sell solutions. This is why our scales fit in your production environment down to the last millimetre. In addition, we help with process integration, train your personnel, maintain, repair and calibrate your Höfelmeyer scales.