Comprehensive quality control is a central focus of our work. The safety of end consumers, legal requirements and the quality demands of modern production make more in-depth controls in the processing and packaging of products indispensable. These requirements are met by the Höfelmeyer QS-Station.

Nowadays, modern productions can no longer do without inspection systems. In the event of a product recall, damage to the company’s image, loss of confidence and declining customer numbers are the consequences. For this reason, many companies rely on a contamination management system that detects and eliminates impurities and damage at an early stage. In addition, internal quality standards must also be met. The QS-Station can make a precise and effective contribution here thanks to its diversity.

The modular system can be flexibly integrated into any production process. From separation, contamination detection, weight control and labelling to bar code inspection and optical detection or X-ray detection, the right solution can be put together for each individual process. There is no need to invest directly in the complete system. The modular design of the QS-station enables successive installation of the sub-elements in your existing production.

Your processes are managed via a central control unit. This means, for example, that you have central article data management or a central evaluation option. In addition, the generated weighing and process data can be forwarded to your higher-level ERP or MES system. This allows you to monitor your processes in real time and make adjustments if necessary.

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