Industrial PC

The Höfelmeyer industrial PC (HIPC) offers you the highest level of hygiene security and convenient operation via its touch technology. Seals free from gaps, food-safe seals, completely passive cooling and ready integrated features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and an RFID reader round off the hygienic design of the HIPC.

To make continuous, uninterrupted data recording possible and to prevent production coming to a standstill, the HIPC offers a very high level of system stability. Its robust design makes it resistant to vibration and shock.

The Höfelmeyer Touch industrial PC allows your employees to quickly and conveniently enter data – even wearing protective gloves. Basic functions such as brightness control, cleaning mode or shutting down can all be controlled conveniently via our software application. The bright display is easy to read even when heavily soiled.

Industrial PC screen
Industrial PC main page
Industrial PC back
Industrial PC back
Industrial PC back

Their added value at a glance:

  • Dynamic display
  • Optional matching wall mount
  • V4A stainless steel
  • Protection category IP69
  • Simple implementation in your system