Conversion of a weigh feeder


For a customer in the convenience sector, an existing small component scale was to be converted for direct weighing of large components in 200 l standard trolleys. This involved special requirements in terms of hygiene and integration into the work processes. The new location of the dosing scale requires the operation of the scale and the filling of the standard trolleys from the grey area, while the collection in the white area is carried out by a second person.


In the course of the conversion, the existing hygienic table scale was removed and replaced by a stainless steel drive-through weighbridge incl. drive-on ramp, anti-slip device, front wheel stop and drive-through protection. The folding device allows easy and thorough cleaning and also increases work safety. To optimally support the work processes, the existing label printer was relocated to the side. A remote display installed in addition to the existing front terminal facilitates the dispensing processes. A hand-held scanner is used to identify raw materials and register batch numbers. Its charging station is located in the housing, easily accessible through a hygienic flap.

The employee receives the recipe orders via the touch IPC. A visual weighing aid facilitates the precise weighing of the components. Thanks to the bidirectional communication of the IPC with the ERP system in real time, even last-minute order changes can be taken into account and weighing results can be processed centrally.

The housing of the scale is made of stainless steel and has a slanted roof. All components are internal, so cabling is reduced to a minimum. This all-in-one solution meets the high demands on hygiene, work safety and user-friendliness.

Dosing station
Dosing station

The advantages are:

  • Simplified dosing process
  • Fulfils hygienic design requirements
  • Short-term order changes possible
  • Connection to the higher-level ERP system

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