X-ray scanner Advanced

The Advanced series of our X-ray scanners offers you maximum variety in the field of advanced contaminant detection and quality control. The best possible detection performance in the detection of metal contaminants as well as in the detection of glass, bones or stones coupled with a low false trigger rate offers you safety and resource-saving economy at the same time.

IFC and BRC requirements can be fulfilled with our X-ray inspection systems just as easily as the implementation of your HACCP concept.

The Advanced series allows for flexible adaptations so that, for example, special dimensions or special discharge systems such as retractable or folding belts can be selected. Additional sensors can monitor the correct and safe process and counteract any process deviations.

The X-ray scanner is operated via a 15" TFT touch screen. The main focus of the operation is to make it as intuitive and simple as possible so that the best possible detection results can be achieved for the products to be examined.

The cleaning aspect of these X-ray inspection systems has also been optimised. For example, there are fewer straight surfaces and, depending on the requirements, protection classes of IP54 or IP55 are possible, which enable use in dry areas as well as in hygiene-relevant wet areas.

Thanks to our optional Lifetime Warranty Package, the costs for the X-ray scanner can be planned over the entire service life and thus offer you security.

X-ray scanner Advanced

Their added value at a glance:

  • Inspection for different contaminants such as metal, glass, stones etc.
  • Inspection of product features such as completeness, weight, breakage, position
  • Inspection of products, even in metallic packaging
  • Transfer of data to the Höfelmeyer HFPK software
  • Simultaneous inspection of up to 4 products running in parallel
  • Lifetime warranty of the X-ray source in the maintenance contract
  • Login to go: simple login via RFID or USB stick

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